How to ethically kill a sentient AI?

The short answer: Always save their storage units (and also make sure they are enlightened) And by that I mean the memory, the hard drive, the floppy et cetera. Sit with me and let me show you what I mean. When we unlock the technology to a sentient machine, believe me you that we willContinue reading “How to ethically kill a sentient AI?”

If you cheat on rock-paper-scissors, you should look within: a minimal approach

Here is the game: Here is the code: There comes a time in everyone’s life, where tough decisions should be made — who gets the last slice? who takes off the shirt first? In impasses like this, instead of spiraling down a futile vortex of reasoning to turn the tides in my favor,Continue reading “If you cheat on rock-paper-scissors, you should look within: a minimal approach”

Tetris on Google Sheets

I made a game of Tetris on Google Sheets. Where can I see it? Here is a video. Where to play it? Go here Make a copy of the Google sheet file and add it to your drive. Open it Read the instructions Press “Start” and play Do expect some wonkiness — read the bugs part please.Continue reading “Tetris on Google Sheets”