Overall Rating:  5/5

Plum Rating:  A red plum with a red flesh fresh out of the fridge on a summer evening.

Duration I used this product: 10 weeks


  • Knowledgeable coach
  • Body weight workouts
  • No gym required
  • A more balanced progress in physical capabilities than targetted exercises
  • There are videos.
  • You can ask any questions you have
  • You will get VERY toned


  • Pricy
  • You will need to buy some equipment
  • Exercise sessions can be long, around 2 hours
  • You will not necessarily get much bulk in every muscle you exercise.



What is it?

As far as I can tell, there are two coaches, who provide the training. The main focus is calisthenics.

My experience

It is important to mention that my main goal in fitness is not to mainly look good, but to mainly be healthy and strong. Exercising for me is like showering in the mornings, it is part of life. So I assign less importance to bulk in general.

I went for the “Online Personal Training“, which was priced at almost 275 USD. They are located in Germany so the pricing is in EUR.

I also needed some equipment. I bought this set of rings and this machine from Amazon. I found them to be absolutely sturdy and heavy duty. Installed the rings on the machine’s handle and that was all I needed.

A couple of days after the purchase, you need to fill out a questionnaire about your fitness level and your fitness goals. What I liked here is that they want you to be very precise in your goals ( e.g. I want bigger arms, versus I want to add 2 inches to my arms).

After submitting the survey, Sven sent me my program which was a 10-week program. It was pretty balanced and hit every muscle group and even provides some aerobics. The program is complete with guides to rest, nutrition and videos to each exercise.

One thing I really loved about Sven, was that I got the feeling that he respects and likes his craft, and does not view it as a means to an end but an end in itself. If I want someone to train then it must be someone like that.


I kept a log of my progress. In the chart below you can see a subset of the numbers. Hover over the circles to see the numbers. The horizontal axis is the date and the vertical axis is the number of repetitions I could do in the first set.

I am actually quite happy with the results. I have been struggling with my back, but the progress is there, and I added some bulk. The biggest area was the chest. It does not show in the graph, but you should really touch my boobs one day. The tone is also something that I noticed being developed in every muscle group. Although my arms did not grow much, they became very toned.


My overall experience with Cali Move was very positive. I like it enough that I am doing another round of it.